The word “Excelsior” has two meanings. The second being a term used for enlightenment and encouragement. Ever Upward has become the motto for those like me who are always chasing the next dream. Did any of us really believe that we’d grow up to be a princess? Well, I actually did! I believe that dreams really do come true and sharing that magic moment on a child’s face as they see their favorite storybook character literally walk through their front door is a dream come true for me.

The first meaning is the word used to describe turn of the century packing peanuts. Packages used to be sent cushioned by the spiraly wood shavings cast off from lumbar yards to ensure the item made it to its destination safely. Likewise, Excelsior Entertainment seeks to provide party packages to our clients in a safe and caring way. Both meanings are represented in our original logo. The spiraly “E” to represents the old and the arrow pointing up to represent the new. Bringing magic and wonderment to child’s life can last a lifetime. The performers at Excelsior Entertainment take joy in being a part of that magical moment and we hope you will choose us for your next event or child’s birthday party.


Warm Regards,


Mallory Whitaker